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LED Star Galaxy Projector Starry Sky Night Light

LED Star Galaxy Projector Starry Sky Night Light

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Create Any Mood You Desire 

The Vibe Lights™ Galaxy Projector completely transforms the ambiance of any room by surrounding you with 360 degrees of bright stars set against a backdrop of colorful light and floating clouds.  

Each Projector can cover up to 530 sq ft of space

With 14 lighting colors and 28 projection modes, you can customize the look and feel to whatever you desire.   

14 Color Options 

Remote Control

Auto Timer

Adjustable Brightness

360° Degree Projection

Perfect Vibe For Any Room

This Is Netflix And Chill 2.0

Watching movies or binging your favorite shows just got even better. Grab the popcorn, kick back in your favorite chair or snuggle with a loved one, and achieve the perfect vibe with a push of a button. With the starry skies and unlimited color combinations, you’ll create the exact home theater environment you want and you’ll never be able to veg out to TV any other way again.

Hypnotic & Mesmerizing

Surround Yourself With 360 Degrees Of Coverage

Immersive is an understatement. When you activate your Vibe Lights™ Galaxy Projector you’ll be awash in hypnotic lights and mesmerizing constellations on your walls and ceiling surrounded everywhere the eye can see.

Every projector runs off proprietary technology to easily fill one 530 square foot room all by itself, with a complete 360 degree lights and stars experience.



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